Mercedes-Benz Me Adapter Boosts Tech for Older Vehicles

June 16th, 2016 by

2015 C-CLASSWhen it comes to luxury, you know that a Mercedes-Benz, no matter how many miles, or years it has, will provide you with luxury and quality. On our vehicles here in our showroom there’s a lot of technology that is now a major component of the luxury experience. If you have one of these older vehicles, you likely want a chance to experience some of this connectivity, and with the Mercedes-Benz Me Adapter, you can.

This is technology that you plug in and install in your Mercedes-Benz model year 2002 or later, and it then allows you to connect with the Me app, available for download, and gives you many vehicle insights and tools. That includes diagnostics and running the numbers on your Mercedes-Benz, even recommending when it’s time for a visit to the service center.

It also is able to provide you with the ability to find and locate your Mercedes-Benz, using the phone app to navigate you to your vehicle, and in an event of a collision or emergency, the Me Adapter can respond and send for assistance.

Here at Mercedes-Benz of Georgetown, right here in Georgetown, TX, we’d be happy to answer any questions you might have, and provide your Mercedes-Benz with connectivity today.

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